An customer with a production run of 2,500 parts was looking for ways to reduce manufacturing costs on the job. They were hoping to find a less-expensive end mill which would come close to the performance of their top-of-the-line end mill.

Their local Guhring distributor brought in a Series 3153 Pro-Line 4-flute end mill to test in the 1018 low alloy steel application. This end mill is made from Guhring micro-grain carbide, and has FIREX coating for outstanding heat- and wear-resistance.  

The Guhring Pro-Line end mill tripled the tool life of the competitor's end mill, completing 1,800 inches of peripheral milling before needing to be reground. Best of all, the purchase price of the Guhring end mill was less than half of the competitor's.

Between the lower price and the tripled tool life, this end-user saved 35% in cost by switching to Series 3153 end mills for this application.